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To CyberSpyder's Big Page of Nothing

Hello, I'm your host, the unsung hero CyberSpyder. This page will just have anything I like. Thoughts on life. Cool javascripts. A whiteboard. My opinions. If you don't wanna deal with it, tough. You can leave, then. But if you would care to walk a mile in another's shoes, than continue down the page.

Links: Who do I admire, find entertaining? What has shaped my personality? What, basically, do I like? Find out by looking here. Which may not be up. I make no promises.

Rants: Ahh, the world. Hate it or loath it, you can't like it. At least, not most of the time. I'll just write down another rant in here every so often, telling my perhaps twisted view of modern society. Such as it is.

Whiteboard: Yes! It is the Multi-User Whiteboard! And don't even think about being one of those bastards who draw swastikas all over the board and/or clear it every 2/3rds of a second, because I will track you down, gut you, infect your computer, eat your cat, and TAKE AWAY YOUR RAP MUSIC! Yes, I know you have it!!! You all do! stupid people. evil. always listen to rap music, too.

Gripes: Things I hate horribly and terribly. And other things. Maybe these should be in rants, but I don't think so. So sue me.

Codes: No, not codes for games. Hate them. Too stupid. Once they make computer as creative and responsive as a human, I'll play story-based RPGs with it. Until then, I won't. These are codes that tell you about me. So far I have completed the Geek Code, the Teen Geek Code, the Critter Code, which tells this odd creature that I'd like to be, the Simpsons code, the Code Code, which is wierd and a waste of time, the Dragon code, which again is a thing I'd like to be, the serial killer code, which is also wierd, the Whore Code, which fortunately has options for people who don't have sex oddly enough, and finally the Goth Code which doesn't really apply to me in the least, but I figured I might as well do it.

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